Tiling is an art form in itself


Tiling is a skilled task but our experienced team and step-by-step process will ensure you the best possible finish.

The first step is the preparation and planning. Before starting any tiling project, we always make sure that the surface is properly prepared. This is key to ensuring a perfectly level end result. We then work out the best way to tile the area so that you have a symmetrical finish and that any cutting of tiles is minimised.

Then it’s time to apply the adhesive and to lay the tiles. We start with the tiles on the walls and we use spacers to ensure each tile is evenly spaced. Once all the tiles are placed, and the adhesive has cured, grout is then used to fill the gaps between tiles. The grout is mixed to the right consistency and then spread across the surface of the tiles until the gaps are filled. 


Tiled Flooring

New tiled flooring and driveway the modernize the house.


Tiled Patio Roof

Patio sealed off water tight and re-tiled.


Tiled bathroom

Bathroom floor and walls